Join us in our 3-day Longevity and Biohacking convention in Andorra La Vella, in the Principality of Andorra located between Spain and France. Meet +25 keynote speakers in Spanish and English, experts in topics such as holistic health, nutrition, longevity and anti-aging, neuroscience, fitness, and functional medicine. Discover the latest trends in biohacking with more than 20 exhibitors and enjoy our amazing trade show.

Convention dates: July 5, 6 and 7, 2024

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Our speakers

Neurohacking: Biohacking applied to neuroscience.

Pedro Rodríguez

Crusader against aging. The roadmap to defeat biological aging.

Aubrey de Grey

Doctor expert in stem cell and exosome therapy.

Dr. Roni Lara Moya 

Healthy regenerative longevity with hyperbaric medicine

Miguel Garber

How to biohack and optimize your sexual health to promote longevity.

Irene Fernández

New Perspectives on the ketogenic diet – Optimized Keto.

Phil Hugo

Functional nitric oxide nutrition. The key to unlocking optimal health.

Nathan S Bryan

Cold therapy, hot therapy, and breathwork.

Uri Imperial

Benefits of intermittent fasting and autophagy.

Edgar Barrionuevo

Harnessing Stem Cells and Peptides in Biohacking

Dr. Mike Chan

The intimate relationship between microbiota and longevity.

María Puntí

Epigenetics and new research in anti-aging medicine. 

Pedro Rodríguez

Hormonal replacement in testosterone: Risks and benefits in both sexes. 

Dr. Luis Tallaj

Applications of AI in medicine and antiaging supplementation. 

Dr. Alberto Melón Fernández

Insulin resistance, the silent epidemic of the 21st century.

Carlos Perez

Biohacking techniques to rejuvenate and increase lifespan. 

Ana Moreira

Chronic stress and excess toxins, a lethal combination for aging. 

Dani Ciscar

Prebiotic-anti-inflammatory nutrition as antiaging therapy and the gut-brain axis

Marcos Bodoque

Biohacking of energy metabolism and intermittent hypoxia

Dr. Iván Ibáñez

Mitochondrial activation: Boost your ATP production.

Dr. Alexander Paziotopoulos

The power of glutathione in antiaging medicine.

Elena Perea

Proteostasis, Oxidative and Nitrosative Stress and Aging

Roberto Navarro Pérez

Sleep, rest, and regulation of circadian rhythms as anti-aging therapy.

Dra. Nuria Roure

ANF therapy: neuro-frequency applied to medicine.

Dr.Mikel H-G Hoff

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