Longevity and Biohacking Convention in Andorra La Vella

*A regenerative life-changing event

Join us in our 3-day longevity and biohacking convention in Andorra La Vella focused on health, nutrition, longevity, anti-aging, fitness, neuroscience, and functional medicine. We are organizing one of the most important events of the year in the biohacking and longevity fields. A convention to learn how to achieve peak mental and physical performance from some of the best experts, and discover the latest trends, advances, and technologies in longevity and antiaging. A place to connect with amazing entrepreneurs, biohackers, and health leaders, and enjoy a life-changing event to unlock your happiness and health potential. During this annual longevity and biohacking convention, you will be learning and enjoying amazing conferences and the best exhibitors in the expo area. Let’s discover together this amazing paradise surrounded by mountains, green forests, and wonderful locals. The convention is keto, paleo, and low-carb diets friendly. Discover up to 20 companies as exhibitors in these 3 days, and more than 25 keynote speakers. You will be able to learn more about the latest technologies and advances in photobiomodulation, Cryotherapy, hyperbaric Therapy, Ozone Therapy, Stem cell therapy, peptides, PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field), Biomarkers testing, superfoods, and longevity supplements. This 3-day convention will be an event full of opportunities and surprises. We will bring together some of the world’s leading health professionals in the longevity field, to connect and network during 3 days in a paradise destination. We will offer workshops sponsored by some of the most outstanding biohacking and longevity companies on the planet. And of course, we will be running an amazing dinner on Saturday led by amazing people. Join us to meet wonderful people from all over the world. Connect with other biohacking enthusiasts, and the next centenarians, and create lifelong friendships.

Convention dates: July 5, 6 and 7, 2024


**Tickets for the 3-day Longevity and Biohacking Convention:

 1 x Standard Ticket = 1-day Convention and Expo: from €149

1 x Standard Ticket = 3-day Convention and Expo: from €299

1 x VIP Ticket = 3-day Convention and Expo + VIP dinner with speakers and extras: from €1850

1 x Dinner only = Saturday Cocktail dinner for 2 hours 30 minutes at UNNIC Andorra: from €64

1 x Live Stream Ticket = watch the 3-day conference online from home: from €45

43.901,804.88 + Taxes (Vat)

*Ultimate Wild Trip sells regenerative and experiential health events. The final price of the tickets is subject to the following variants: the date you book the package, the number of days you booked, and the type of optional extras you add to the reservation. This event is operated once a year. This event does not include transfers, flights, food, tours, or accommodation in the standard tickets. There is no refund of any service if the client arrives later than the beginning of the event or leaves before the end of the event. Before the event, any speaker could cancel their presentation due to force majeure. The organizer will try to replace these speakers with expert speakers on similar topics before the event. Be aware that the pictures above are not pictures from the Longevity and Biohacking Convention. They are pictures of the country, landscapes, sports, nature, and mountain villages.

Convention details

Open every blue box to know more about this experiential event


July 5, 2024: “Longevity and Biohacking Convention & Trade Show” in Andorra

July 6, 2024: “Longevity and Biohacking Convention & Trade Show” in Andorra 

July 7, 2024:  “Longevity and Biohacking Convention & Trade Show” in Andorra 

Event program, conferences and speakers

Day 1: July 5, 2024: “Longevity and Biohacking Convention & Trade Show” in Andorra. 50% LECTURES IN ENGLISH AND 50% LECTURES IN SPANISH. (translation from Spanish to English and from English to Spanish, available upon prior request in the reservation process)


-08:00h-08:30h: Time for visitors to register at reception. Presentation and reception in the conference auditorium.

-08:30h-08:55h: Conference. “The Power of Glutathione”. Elena Perea

-09:10h-09:35h: Conference. Genetic analyses and other longevity tests.

-09:40h-10:05h: Conference. ANF ​​therapy: neuro-frequency applied to medicine. Dr. Mikel H-G Hoff

-10:20 a.m.-11:00 a.m.: Conference. Proteostasis, Oxidative/Nitrosative Stress and Aging. Roberto Navarro (Zeus Supplements).

-10:15h-11:55h: Conference. Biomarkers of Aging: Analytical Indicators and Their Meaning. Dani Ciscar

-12:10h-12:50h: Conference. How to hack/optimize your sexual health to promote longevity. Irene Fernández Centellas

-13:00h-16:00h. Free time to have lunch and explore deeply the exhibition area.


-16:00h-16:40h: keynote. “Harnessing Stem Cells and Peptides in Biohacking: A Synergistic Approach to Health Span, Wellness and Longevity”. Dr. Mike Chan. (Conference in English) 

-17:00h-17:40h: Keynote. Importance of nitric oxide in health, hormones, and circulation. Nathan Bryan. (Conference in English) 

-18:00h-18:40h: Keynote. The Best Ways to slow down the cellular aging process. Aubrey de Grey. (Conference in English)

-19:00h-19:40h: Keynote. Mitochondrial activation: Boost your energy centers and your ATP production. Dr. Alexander Paziotopoulos (Conference in English)

Day 2: July 6, 2024: “Longevity and Biohacking Convention & Trade Show” in Andorra. 100% SPANISH CONFERENCES ALL THE DAY. (translation from Spanish to English available upon prior request in the reservation process)


-06:30h-06:50h: Yoga class in Central Park (optional and free) 

-06:50h-07:00h: Guided meditation (optional and free) 

-08:00h-20:00h: Enjoy the exhibitor’s area and learn about the latest trends and technologies in nutrition, antiaging, biohacking, health, and fitness. Visit the exhibit area after each conference. 

-08:00h-08:40h: Conference. Fitness and strength training for longevity.

-08:55h-09:35h: Conference. Main longevity supplements and phytotherapy to prolong life. Elena Perea

-09:50h-10:35h: Conference. Chronic stress and excess toxins, the lethal combination that is leading you to premature aging. Dani Ciscar

-10:50h-11:30h: Conference. Biohacking of energy metabolism and intermittent hypoxia. Dr. Iván Ibáñez

-11:45 h-12:20h: Keynote. Hot and cold therapy and breathwork. Uri Imperial 

-12:35h-13:15h: Keynote. Autophagy and intermittent fasting. Edgar Barrionuevo 

-13:15h-16:00h. Free time to have lunch and explore deeply the exhibition area.


-16:00h.-16:40h: Keynote. Prebiotic-anti-inflammatory nutrition as antiaging therapy and the gut-brain axis. Marcos Bodoque 

-17:00h.-17:40h: Keynote. The biological challenge in epigenomic expression and longevity. Pedro Rodriguez. 

-18:00h.-18:40h: Keynote. Therapy with stem cells, peptides, and exosomes. Dr. Roni Lara Moya 

-19:00h.-19:40h: Keynote. Applications of AI in precision medicine and antiaging supplementation. Dr. Alberto Melon Fernandez 

-20:30h-23:00h. Optional/Extra activity (available only for attendees with 3-day congress ticket reservation and additional payment in the booking process. Only 110 dinner spots are available for standard tickets and 25 dinner spots are available for VIP tickets): Saturday dinner in Unnic Andorra and networking with nice people and cool music.  

Day 3: July 7, 2024: “Longevity and Biohacking Convention & Trade Show” in Andorra. 100% SPANISH CONFERENCES ALL THE DAY. (translation from Spanish to English available upon prior request in the reservation process)


-06:30h-06:50h: Yoga class in Central Park (optional and free) 

-06:50h-07:00h: Guided meditation (optional and free) 

-08:00h-19:00h: Enjoy the exhibitor’s area and learn about the latest trends and technologies in nutrition, antiaging, biohacking, health, and fitness. Visit the exhibit area after each conference. 

-08:00h-08:40h: Keynote. Sleep, rest, and regulation of circadian rhythms as anti-aging therapy. Dra Nuria Roure.

-08:55h-09:35h: Keynote. Biohacking techniques to rejuvenate and increase life expectancy. Ana Moreira. 

-09:50h-10:30h: Keynote. Neurohacking: Biohacking applied to neuroscience. Pedro Rodriguez 

-10:45h-11:25h: Keynote. The intimate relationship between microbiome and longevity. María Punti

-11:40h-12:20h: Keynote. Insulin resistance, the silent epidemic of the 21st century. How to reverse it. Carlos Perez 

-12:35h-13:15h: Keynote. Hormonal replacement in testosterone: Risks and benefits in both sexes. Dr. Luis Tallaj 

-13:15h-16:00h. Free time to have lunch and explore deeply the exhibition area.


-16:00h-16:40h: Keynote. Hyperbaric medicine in regenerative healthy longevity. Dr. Miguel Garber 

-17:00h-17:40h: Keynote. New Perspectives on the ketogenic diet – Optimized Keto. Phil Hugo. 

-18:00h-18:40h: Keynote. How to biohack human biology, to achieve maximum physical and mental performance.

Why in Andorra?

Andorra has become a very popular destination in the MICE travel market, due to the state-of-the-art meeting facilities, top-quality F&B, 5-star services, excellent land connectivity, and the easy budgeting it offers. The Andorra La Vella Congress Center has a 4500m2, 6 divisible rooms, catering service for more than 1300 people. Andorra la Vella Congress Centre Is located in the heart of the city and in a perfect location for the large hotel and restaurant offer is the ideal place for holding professional events. It boasts state-of-the-art technical equipment and installations with modulable rooms for all kinds of acts and exhibitions, and a team of professionals is available to advise and play an active role in assembling and designing events.

-+8 million tourists each year in a country with only 80000 people. Is not amazing?

-Close to the main cities in the north of Spain and South of France

-45% of retaining tourists -Full of natural protected areas

-Great history and culture

-Located in the middle of the mountains between Spain and France.

-Stunning landscapes, surrounded by forest, massive mountains, wild rivers, and waterfalls.

-State-of-the-art meeting facilities.

-287 hotels (of which 12 of them offer meeting space) and more than 33,472 rooms. Prestigious hotels awarded with 4 or 5 stars

-A wide range of entertainment options/ unique shopping experiences.

-Extraordinary culinary experiences.

-Thrilling water and mountain activities.

-Snow sports and activities in the winter.

-A destination focused on health and wellness tourism

Andorra Congress Center

Business Tourism

The Congress Centre of Andorra la Vella is located in the very heart of the city in an unsurpassable location, with local hotel accommodation reaching a total of more than 5.500 beds and with over a hundred restaurants, the city has become the ideal location for professional events of all kinds. The Congress Centre covers 4.200 m2 and includes an auditorium, five function rooms and a catering kitchen, while we also offer a parking service for clients. Our staff are trained to ensure rigour, creativity and quality in the provision of professional services. Our aim is to guarantee the success of your event. The advanced technology of our audiovisual equipment and our specific work processes mean optimum results in the organisation of all types of events.

Technical Equipment

The Congress Centre is responsible for coordinating all those facilities and services at our disposal. We take care of your event, from preparation through to dismantling. Our staff are on hand to provide the assessment you need to organise your event. The Congress Centre is equipped with the latest technology and has exclusive equipment for hire which may be used for a wide range of events.

Complementary Services

The Congress Centre provides an extensive number of choices when it comes to contracting complementary services. We ensure that the details are taken care of in the organisation of your event, from photographs, catering, decorating services, image recording, contract services for stands, signs and information services for organised business companion trips.

Main conference rooms:


The auditorium has a total area of 1,100 m2, with 900 theatre-type seats which can be easily converted into 450 office chairs, each fitted with a writing desk. The room is fitted with exclusive designer armchairs, electrical connections, multimedia resources, five simultaneous translation cabins, infra-red translation equipment, audiovisual and lighting equipment and four dressing rooms.

La Consorcia Hall

The hall comprises an area of some 570 m2 and is noteworthy for its multipurpose, versatile design. It may be divided into either four separate areas or two combined areas, making it an ideal area for conferences, exhibitions, training sessions, banquets and coffee breaks.

Aqua Room (60m2)

This is an area suitable for holding meetings in a U-form or for establishing the technical secretariat of the event. A projector and a powered flip-chart screen are available. The Aqua Hall also has a computer and complementary services such as a photocopier and fax.

Aria Room (100m2)

This is an area for seminars, press conferences, small-format meetings, or it may be used as a room parallel to the conference hall with a theatre-type seating arrangement and a maximum seating capacity for 50 people. A powered screen, elevated projector and translation receptor are available.

Ignis Room (65m2)

An ideal area for seminars for up to 30 people, press conferences and training sessions. A screen, projector and translation receptors are available.

Ferrum Room (55m2)

A multi-purpose salon with natural light which can be used for professional meals, a training or meeting room, a VIP lounge or a rest area during events. The room’s technical equipment can be prepared according to the specific needs of each event.

Reception and Lounge

The floor area at the Congress Centre includes a lounge with a coat-check area, a desk for customer service and registration, the area is also ideal for rest periods and coffee breaks.

The Kitchen and Meal Services

The Congress Centre coordinates catering service contracts for light meals during breaks or professional dinners. The kitchen is fitted with a cold and a hot area as well as a cold chamber.


Semal fisioexpo congreso semergen biohacking conference 2024 Auditorium

Payment conditions, and rates

***Rates for the 3 days Longevity and Biohacking Convention (July 5, 6, and 7, 2024)

*Standard rates (From November 1, 2023 to June 4, 2023): 

 1 x Standard Ticket + 1-day Convention and Expo: from 149

1 x Standard Ticket + 3-day Convention and Expo: from 299

1 x Standard Ticket + 3-day Convention and Expo + Saturday dinner: from €364

1 x Standard VIP Ticket + 3 days Convention and Expo & VIP extras: from 1850€ (only 25 seats) 

1 x Live Stream Ticket = 3 days of online conferences from your home: 45 euros

*Last month rates (From June 4, 2024 to July 4, 2024):   

 1 x Standard Ticket + 1-day Convention and Expo: from 176

1 x Standard Ticket + 3-day Convention and Expo: from 352

1 x Standard Ticket + 3-day Convention and Expo + Saturday dinner: from €429

1 x Standard VIP Ticket + 3 days Trade Show with 4 meals & VIP extras: from 2050€ (only 25 seats) 

1 x Live Stream Ticket = 3 days of online conferences from your home: 55 euros

What is included with the VIP Ticket?  

-Reserved VIP Seating for Keynote Sessions  

-Private Saturday dinner with speakers and organizers in the exclusive Unniq Andorra 

-Exclusive Access to business in VIP Room in the conference center.   

-VIP Attendee Swag Bag with some surprises   

-Exclusive VIP Registration Line   

-First Access to Community Events    

-Some longevity and biohacking therapies during the expo.

-Some healthy drinks during the event to improve your gut and your fast.

-Saturday VIP dinner in Unnic Andorra.

* Payment conditions: 

-Clients must make a full payment of 100% of the convention rate when they book the event, to confirm the reservation and reserve their place. Payments are not refundable if you have to cancel the purchase.

*Payments made in Euros

*Types of payment: bank transfer and credit/debit card

Optional activities

*Optional Tours and meals in the 3-day longevity and biohacking convention (not included in the standard tickets):

-Dinner and networking in UNNIC Andorra

.Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes

.Date / Time: July 6, 2024 / 20:30h – 23:00h

.Ticket rates: 65 euros/person


Inclusions / Exclusions


-All the tickets include full access to the event to enjoy all the conferences, and the exhibition area in the days booked. 1-day tickets only provide access to the 1-day convention to choose in the booking process. 3-day tickets provide access to the full 3-day event.
-Only attendees with 3-day tickets can have access to buy the Saturday dinner.


-Any other service not mentioned in the “Inclusions” section.

-Meals and drinks not mentioned as included.

-Standard tickets don’t include transfers, tours, meals, and accommodation

-Tips and personal extras.

-Personal medical expenses

-Visits and excursions not mentioned as included in the Event program.

-International / domestic flights, from the country/place of residence to the holiday destination, and international/domestic flights back to the country/place of residence.

-Andorra entry and exit taxes.

-Local taxes or eco-taxes charged by certain tourist areas are not included unless otherwise specified. These amounts will be paid directly in the destination or the hotels.

-If the transfer pick-up time to the airport or to the hotel is too early or too late, and you can not enjoy some part of the event, this part will not be refunded.

Saturday dinner menus


-Dinner at Unnic, in the restaurant of the Gran Casino de Andorra, on Saturday, July 6 from 8:30 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.


-Dinner at Unnic, in the restaurant of the Gran Casino de Andorra, on Saturday, July 6 from 8:30 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.

Important information


-To travel to Andorra and Spain, an identity document and a passport with a minimum validity of 6 months are required.

-It is the client’s responsibility to check the entry and visa requirements of the countries to which they are traveling or through which they are passing.

-Travellers are allowed to enter the country for 90 days, without doing any serious paperwork.

-The Principality of Andorra does not require any type of visa.

The Principality of Andorra is not a member of the Schengen Area. Access to the Principality is made through France or Spain. Thus, any national from a third-country traveling to Andorra must get information from the French or Spanish Embassies or Consulates (depending on the country of entrance) about the need of a Schengen visa, and when deemed necessary, about the visa-obtaining procedures.

When the Schengen visa is required, third-country nationals shall apply for a double-entry or a multiple-entry Schengen visa depending on how many times they will enter the Schengen area from Andorra.

***Information about the entry of foreign minors to the Principality of Andorra

*Minors traveling to Andorra with their parents, legal guardian, or representative must have:
.A valid ID card, or
.A passport in force. The minor could be registered in one of the parent’s passports but it is not an obligation.
.Any national from a country outside the European Union must have a two or multiple-entry Schengen visa.

-Ultimate Wild Trip and Lifespan Builders recommend always using direct flights or flights with stops in countries without visa restrictions.

Important information about COVID19:

-To this day, there are no entry restrictions in Andorra and Spain and no obligation to carry a COVID test or to do quarantine. Check the current status of the pandemic in Andorra and Spain, and follow the sanitary rules to prevent contagion (information only in Spanish or Catalan).

-Before traveling, pay special attention to the entry and exit policies of each country, due to the COVID19 pandemic. Ultimate Wild Trip and Lifespan Builders, are not responsible for the services not enjoyed, due to delays or retention of clients, in customs or stopovers in other countries, due to COVID19.

Vaccines and health information:

* For more information visit the website of the Center for Disease, Control and Prevention: https://wwwnc.cdc.gov/travel/destinations/traveler/none/spain

For any health recommendations, consult a medical professional.

Be aware that most of the vaccines mentioned on that website are recommendations. There is no obligation to take any vaccine to travel to Andorra and Spain.


In Andorra, we can distinguish 4 seasons. But the event will be in the summer so no worries about the other 3 seasons.

-The weather will be pretty good, 25º-30º during the day with a fresh mountain touch and a little bit more freshness at nighs. Take a light jacket for the night but probably you will be ok only with a T-shirt.
-Be aware that some days in these green landscapes could be rainy.

Climate information: Info World Meteorological Organization

What to bring:

-Blue light-blocking glasses: yes, you can use them here as you will be with other biohackers.

– Comfortable clothes with short and long sleeves and shorts and long pants for hiking and walking the streets (fresh and easy-drying fabric).

– Sweatshirt or light jacket. Some warm clothes for your international flight, so don’t get sick with a strong air conditioner.

– Waterproof jacket or raincoat.

– Comfortable footwear for general use and footwear suitable for hiking in the mountains (non-slip sole).

-Some nice clothes for the Saturday dinner. But if you don’t bring them, you can always buy something in Andorra. In Andorra, we have the best fashion shops ever.

– Swimsuit, bath towel.

– Plastic/leather sandals with foot and ankle support straps to swim in rivers.

– Flexible suitcase or mountain backpack and small daily backpack (20l-25l) for walks.

– Insect repellent and a small first-aid kit with the usual medication.

– Sun organic protection: cap/visor, sunglasses, organic sunscreen.

*Currency: The official currency is the Euro (symbol: ; code: EUR). You can only pay in euros. Credit/debit card payments are accepted in all shops and restaurants.


In Andorra and Spain, the power plug sockets are of type F. Sockets meet European regulations and use the round pin system. However, most hotels have adaptors for different plugs.
Electricity supply in Andorra and Spain is AC 220 volts, 50 Hertz. Always check that the electrical apparatuses that you are going to use work on this voltage.

How to get here?


You can reach Andorra by road from France or Spain, or with a domestic flight to La Seu de Urgell Airport. If you are coming from another country, you must first fly to Barcelona, and then take a private transfer/taxi, or shared bus to Andorra or take a flight to La Seu de Urgell from Madrid. You can also rent a car and drive 2h 30 minutes to Andorra, which is the best way.

-Information on flights to La Seu de Urgell:

The Air Nostrum company operates the route between the airports of La Seu d’Urgell and Adolfo Suárez Madrid “Barajas”. Regular flights with two weekly round-trip departures operate on Friday and Sunday.

2023 flight schedules to La Seu de Urgell:

Madrid – La Seu de Urgell, Fridays and Sundays at 6:20 p.m.
La Seu de Urgell – Madrid, Fridays and Sundays at 8:30 p.m.

There is a regular bus service that connects La Seu de Urgell airport with Andorra and is coordinated with the departure and arrival times of Air Nostrum flights. The bus leaves from the Andorra la Vella National Bus Station. The return to Andorra takes place 20 minutes after the flight from Madrid lands. The bus journey is 60 minutes (one-way ticket price €10 – round trip €18).


If you come from other Communities in Spain which are farther than 5 hours drive from Andorra and you don’t want to drive so long, you could take a fast train “AVE” to Lerida, and then take a bus to Andorra. Another option would be to take a domestic flight to Barcelona from your closest city and then take a bus to Andorra La Vella or a flight from Madrid to La Seu de Urgell.

*Address: Plaça del Poble, Andorra la Vella
*Phone: +376 730 005
-We recommend booking a hotel close to the Andorra La Vella Congress Center, leaving the car in the hotel’s parking, and coming to the Congress Center walking each day. If you don’t find a hotel close to the Congress Center, and you want to come to the Congress Center driving your car, we recommend purchasing a temporary 3-day parking pass to park in the town hall parking lots, also called Comú parking lots. This 3-day ticket costs about 53 euros, which is much cheaper than paying for hourly parking for the 3 days.


1-How do I sponsor the longevity and biohacking convention in Andorra? 

Thanks for your interest in sponsoring and/or partnering on the Longevity and Biohacking Convention! 

To gain more information on our partnership process, please contact  dani@ultimatewildtrip.com  

2-Are Media Passes available?  

Yes. Please send inquiries to info@longevityandbiohackingconvention.com 

3-I forgot the event password and can’t log in 

If you forgot your password, please go to https://www.longevityandbiohackingconvention.com/my-account/   and click on the link ” https://www.longevityandbiohackingconvention.com/my-account/lost-password/ “.  

You will automatically be issued password reset instructions to your email on file. 

4-Can I register my spouse, partner, or significant other for the event? 

Of course, you can. Just make sure to buy 1 ticket for each person you bring with you. 

5-Can I bring my pet(s) to these events? 

Sorry, we love pets, but they are not allowed at our Longevity and Biohacking convention or at the trade show. 

 6-Why am I prompted with an error message when I try to pay the ticket on your website? 

If you receive an error message when processing a credit card of any kind, your transaction and registration have not been confirmed. Typically these errors occur due to holds/blocks issued by your credit card company.  

 Please start by calling your credit card company to lift the security hold and then try reprocessing the payment.  

 If you are still having issues registering, please email info@longevityandbiohackingconvention.com  or use the bank transfer option on the checkout page to make a wire transfer in EUROS and send us the receipt of your bank. We will update your booking payment stage on your profile on our website as soon as we receive the bank transfer. 

 7-Can I get a copy of my receipt for the event? 

After the purchase, you should receive automatically a receipt from our website. But if you don’t receive it, please reach out to one of our guest services team members at info@longevityandbiohackingconvention.com 

 We will issue a copy to you via email. 

 8-When and Where is the Conference? 

 We will run the 3-day Longevity and Biohacking Convention in Andorra on July 5, 6, and 7, 2024 in the Andorra Congress Center, in Andorra La Vella. 

9-Are children welcome at the conference?  

Children older than 12 years are welcomed, with a ticket purchase, as seating is limited and all seats are paid. If you do bring children, please be respectful to the speakers, other attendees, and our partners by exiting sessions. 

10-What is the daily schedule of the Conference? 

Please check the “Event Program” blue box above. 

11-What should I wear? 

Conference dress is casual, as our exhibiting partners will be hosting demonstrations and you want to be comfortable.  

Due to the air conditioning, some areas could be cooler than others, so we highly recommend layered clothing, including a hoodie, or light jacket. 

12-Is my ticket refundable?  

* Termination of the contract by the client for the 3-day Longevity and Biohacking Convention.

-All tickets for the 3-day convention are not refundable

-The full price of the ticket must be paid at the time of the reservation 

13-Can I transfer my ticket to someone else? 

– Transfer of the reservation and other changes. 

The client may assign his reservation to a third person as long as he communicates it at least 15 calendar days before the start of the event. The assigned will have to meet the same requirements as the transferor, generally required for the event, and both will be jointly and severally liable for the amount pending payment of the agreed price, as well as any commission, surcharge, or other additional costs derived from the assignment. The organizer or, where appropriate, the retailer, will inform the transferor of the actual costs of the transfer. At least a 30 euros administration fee shall be payable to Ultimate Wild Trip in respect of all switches.  

14-What is included with the VIP Ticket? 

-Reserved VIP Seating for Keynote Sessions

-Private Saturday dinner with speakers and organizers in the exclusive Unniq Andorra

-Exclusive Access to business in VIP Room in the conference center.

-VIP Attendee Swag Bag with some surprises

-Exclusive VIP Registration Line

-First Access to Community Events

-Some longevity and biohacking therapies during the expo.

-Some healthy drinks during the event to improve your gut and your fast.

-Saturday VIP dinner in Unniq Andorra

15-Can I upgrade my ticket to VIP? 

Upgrades are subject to availability and may be purchased in advance by writing to info@longevityandbiohackingconvention.com 

16-Are meals included?  

No, meals are not included.  

17-What happens after I make my purchase? How do I receive my ticket? 

You will receive an order confirmation email which serves as your ticket or receipt. You may sign in with your Email and Password to buy additional tickets. Your name and email will be used to check in at the Conference to receive your badge 

18-Code of Conduct for the event 

This code of conduct, which all attendees must sign, is designed to help ensure a safe environment for attendees to share, learn, and build friendships.   

Some Key Takeaways  

  1. Wear your wristband and badge at all times to access longevity and biohacking convention spaces. 
  1. Comply with the law 
  1. Be kind and considerate with your communication. 
  1. Don’t solicit business excessively. Just kidding, this event is to make amazing business connections. 
  1. Ask for Consent: the affirmative, conscious, and voluntary agreement to engage in any physical contact. 
  1. Don’t harass anyone sexually or otherwise. We take this very seriously and will remove attendees from the event. If you’ve been harassed see below on how to contact one of our staff trained to help. 
  1. Don’t drink excessive amounts of alcohol, distribute alcohol to minors, and/ or engage in illegal drug use. 

Please email info@longevityandbiohackingconvention.com  to report any incident that took place at a longevity and biohacking convention event. 

The Detail  

Terms of Use 

  1. All participants, including guests, and media partners must be approved by the Longevity and Biohacking Convention team through advance registration and wear official wristbands designating proper registration. 
  1. We reserve the right to remove attendees who do not comply with the proper registration, security procedures, or requirements of attendee conduct outlined below at any point during an event without a refund. The Longevity and Biohacking Convention reserves the right to remove anyone who disobeys any requirements, procedures, policies, or regulations of the event. 
  1. No person may impersonate any person or entity, or falsely state or otherwise misrepresent your affiliation with a person or entity. 
  1. Aiding in gaining an unauthorized person access to the event is grounds for removal without a refund. 
  1. You must not defame, abuse, harass, harm, or threaten others, or make any bigoted, hateful, or racially offensive statements. 
  1. You may not advocate illegal activity or discuss illegal activities with the intent to commit them or cause injury or property damage to any person. 
  1. You may not post or distribute any material that infringes and/or violates any right of a third party or any law or post or distribute any vulgar, obscene, discourteous, or indecent language or images. 
  1. You may not advertise or sell to or solicit others excessively. 
  1. You may not hand out, transmit or otherwise make available any unsolicited or unauthorized advertising, promotional materials, “chain letters,” “pyramid schemes,” or any other form of solicitation, except in those areas that are designated for such purpose.

Anti-Harassment Policy  

It’s of the utmost importance that the Longevity and Biohacking Convention ensure a harassment-free experience for everyone, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, or religion. We do not tolerate harassment of community members, staff, attendees or speakers in any form. 

Be kind to others. Do not insult or put down other attendees. Behave appropriately. Remember that harassment and sexist, racist, or exclusionary jokes are not appropriate for the event. 

Attendees violating these rules may be asked to leave our events without a refund at the sole discretion of the event organizers.  

Harassment includes, but is not limited to: 

  • Verbal comments that reinforce social structures of domination related to gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, age, and/or religion 
  • Sexual images in public spaces 
  • Deliberate intimidation, stalking, or following  
  • Harassing photography or recording 
  • Sustained disruption of talks or other events 
  • Inappropriate physical contact 
  • Unwelcome sexual attention 
  • Advocating for, or encouraging, any of the above behavior 

If a participant engages in harassing behavior, event organizers retain the right to take any actions to keep the event a welcoming environment for all participants. This includes warning the offender or expulsion from the event without a refund. 

Event organizers may take action to redress anything designed to, or with the clear impact of, disrupting the event or making the environment hostile for any participants. 

We expect participants to follow these rules at all event venues and event-related social activities. We think people should follow these rules outside event activities too! 

If someone makes you or anyone else feel unsafe or unwelcome, please report it as soon as possible. Harassment and other code of conduct violations reduce the value of our event for everyone. We want you to be happy at our event. People like you make our event a better place. 

You can make a report either personally or anonymously.   

You can make a personal report by: 

  • Calling or messaging (34)637 872948. This phone number will be continuously monitored for the duration of the event. 
  • Contacting a staff member, identified by STAFF badges, buttons, or shirts. 

When taking a personal report, our staff will ensure you are safe and cannot be overheard. They may involve other event staff to ensure your report is managed properly. Once safe, we’ll ask you to tell us about what happened. This can be upsetting, but we’ll handle it as respectfully as possible, and you can bring someone to support you. You won’t be asked to confront anyone and we won’t tell anyone who you are. 

Our team will be happy to help you contact hotel/venue security, local law enforcement, local support services, provide escorts, or otherwise assist you to feel safe for the duration of the event. We value your attendance. 

Report an Incident 

If you have any incident to report from a current longevity and biohacking convention event, please email info@longevityandbiohackingconvention.com  and our team will reach out to you. We take any kind of harassment seriously as a company and community and want our attendees to feel safe and welcome. 

Do you have any question?

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